About Engineering

what is Engineering

Engineers apply math and science for the betterment of society through:

Above all, engineers are problem solvers who make things work better, more efficiently, quicker and cheaper.

Why Engineering?

  • Engineers have been involved in almost everything you see,touch, or rely upon.
  • Engineering can be an exciting career full of opportunities
  • Job market is generally good
  • Salary and benefits are among the top for the level of education
  • Opportunities for leadership, global travel, and benefiting humankind abound
  • An engineering degree can open many doors to careers in other exciting areas such as medicine, law, business administration, PhD (research, teaching, etc.)

Good Traits of an Engineer

  • Enjoy solving problems
  • Like working with other people (strong teamwork skills)
  • Interested in serving human needs
  • Want to make things work better
  • Strive for continual improvement
  • Able to adapt to a changing environment
  • Good communication skills
  • Strong study skills
  • Desire to constantly learn new things
  • Data analysis skills
  • Strong computer skills

Popular Engineering Branches

Branch What you Learn?
Computer Science (CSE) Computer Engineers writes instructions in computer languages for computers( Software) to do specific tasks. The nature of the job could be writing software. Compaines like Microsoft, HCL, Infosys, WIPRO, IBM , DELL are some famous companies who are in the business of writing Software Read More Here »
Electronics & Communication (ECE) Electronics Engineers learn how to design and Develop circuits and Chips (Hardware) that go into different electronic Devices.. Example Cellphones, Laptops, computers , TVs etc. Also learn about Communication Technology Antennas, Computer networking. There are several hardware companies IBM , WIRPO, HCL, DELL, HP, etc that have need for ECE Engineers Read More Here »
Electrical & Electronincs (EEE) Electrical Engineers learn about Electrical Wiring , Motors, Generators and other devices and also about electonic Circuits. There is lot of scope for this branch in Government sector jobs.Read More Here »
Mechanical Engineering (MECH) Students who graduate with degrees in mechanical engineering fields go on to jobs in the manufacturing, power, aerospace, automotive, materials, electronics and processing industries. Mechanical engineers are involved in computer-aided design and visualization, robotics, bioengineering, environmental engineering and renewable energy systems. Read More Here »
Civil Engineering (CIVIL) This branch deals with design and Constrution of buildings , roads, dams etc. There is lot of job opportunities for this branch both in government and private companies. Read More Here »

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