Mechanical Engineering (MECH)

Mechanical Engineering is the most fundamental of all the Engineering disciplines. Professional Mechanical Engineers can work in a whole range of industries: Aerospace, Automobile, Civil, Electronics, Manufacturing and the Process Industries. The demand for professional Mechanical Engineers is high and relatively stable, because it is less affected by recession in any single industry. Mechanical Engineers also find many employment opportunities in other branches of engineering where their key skills play important roles. The students are introduced to the wide choice of materials, selection criteria and the design of machines and mechanism, computer systems and packages AUTO CAD. ANSYS, 2000 FEA, PROE, CATIA software. Besides this more attention is paid in training the students to operate the machines and systems independently by a team of high qualified faculty who are specialized in thermal, design, production and industrial engineering.


Miss. K.Jayavardhini(Head of Department)

Mechanical Engineering Department is led by K.Jayavardhini. She did his B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering and M.Tech in Embedded systems.She has more 10 year's experience in teaching in various colleges. She guided many B.Tech projects and also industry experience.